Can SPSS research help me with Descriptive Statistics?

Can SPSS resarch help me with Descriptive Statistics in SPSS? What are the main procedures and what do they mean?

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  • Francis

    Descriptive Statistics and their meanings.
    There are several descriptive statistics and these are:
    • Mean and sum
    • Dispersion which consist of standard deviation, variance, range, minimum, maximum and standard error
    • Distribution which consist of kurtosis and skewness
    Main procedure is from
    From SPSS
    Analyze menu
    Descriptive Statistics
    In the Descriptives dialog box, click Options. Select one or more statistics.
    Click help from SPSS for more information.

    1. Mean and sum
    Mean can be used to summarize the characteristic of different groups, for instant you can be able to tell the day of the week in which people shop more by getting the average number of items purchased on each day (the one with highest mean). Further more you can categorize by gender and determine if the male or female do the most of shopping and on which day.
    Sum on the other hand facilitate in calculating the mean. From the above example, sum of people for each day will be displayed together with the total number of items purchased.
    2. Dispersion
    Standard deviation displays a measure of dispersion around the mean. From the above example you can be able know the range, minimum and maximum number of items purchased.

    3. Distribution
    Kurtosis-A measure of the extent to which observations cluster around a central point. For a normal distribution, the value of the kurtosis statistic is 0.
    Skewness- A measure of the asymmetry of a distribution. The normal distribution is symmetric, and has a skewness value of zero. A skewness value more than twice it’s standard error is taken to indicate a departure from symmetry.
    Descriptive statistics are mostly used as diagnostic analysis to assist the researcher to determine the appropriate analysis. For instant if the distribution is unknown non-parametric test or tools are used.
    Also helps to identify the existence of outliers in a data.

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