Cluster analysis

I’m writing research paper about Cluster analysis use. Please, suggest your ideas in what fields of study it can be used. I’ve already collected a lot of information about its implementation in medicine, but I feel lack of facts that cover other sciences.

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    Cluster Analysis is one of SPSS research methods’ tools for classification or segmentation. In Market research, cluster analysis is used to segment consumers based on their demographic differences, psychographics, needs or behavior. Market segmentation provides guidance to both the researcher and the brand people on what type of consumers to target and how to position their brands on each of the consumer segments based on how they were grouped or classified via cluster analysis.
    In psychology, practitioners also make use of this SPSS research method to classify or group individuals based on their psychological constructs. In biology, cluster analysis as a research method can be used to cluster plants or animals to describe their spatial and temporal communities. It can also be used to establish a grouping of genes based on their chemical composition or patterns.
    In medicine, this SPSS research method can also be used to differentiate the different types of tissues, bacteria or viruses based on their chemical composition or effect. It can also be used to group certain patients based on their symptoms and reaction to a certain drug.

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