Correlation analysis

I need to do correlation analysis and I have a data set with 13 variables. How can I indicate that variables are correlative and choose them for such an analysis?

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  • Moh

    I am not sure which variables you have in your SPSS dataset. There is no hints about the variables. It would be great if you could send the file that will help me a lot to resolve the issue. Again in SPSS research you always should count your purpose and data consistency. Anyway you may have an idea from the following:

    Variables that are linked and suitable for correlation are fully depends on the data type and contents. Say, Income data (var_inc) may be directly correlated with employment type data like part time or full time (var_emp_typ). Again, poverty status (var_pvt_sts) might also be correlated with income data. In this case you may run correlation operation (bivariate) using any of these two variables.

    Again, availability of datasets will ease the way of answering. Because, same problems for different data sets may require different answers in SPSS research.

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