Factor Analysis SPSS Services

Factor analysis is a statistical means of determining how factors will contribute to the results of an unknown variable. It can be thought of as a means of producing large sets of data to take a look at what lies underneath and how such hidden factors influence measured variables. Survey research is significantly aided by factor analysis. SPSS software is capable of running the calculations necessary to produce usable factor analysis reports.

Numerous Forms of Factor Analysis

Factor analysis is not a single function. Indeed, there are several forms that can be used depending on circumstances. Testing that specifies factors is important in confirmatory factor analysis. SPSS research can help with that study. Developing a recognition of the relationships among variables is something that can be done by exploratory factor analysis. SPSS can also perform that particular test of data. A very useful benefit of factor analysis is that the various forms of factor analysis can shrink the size the data for interpretation. Its assistance in explaining survey data is invaluable.

There Are Some Risks Involved

Because there is more than one form of factor analysis, anyone who is testing the data has to have a good understanding of the statistics. It also has to be remembered SPSS does what it is told; it will not make a distinction by itself. Using binary logistic regression SPSS will require an ability to set up the right form of factor analysis as far as equations are concerned and data input is involved. Mistakes will result in the wrong information coming out. Because of a lack of familiarity with factor analysis many research projects will turn to a third-party for assistance. We are experts in both statistical models and SPSS, which is why so many groups involved in research turn to us.

Proficient in Statistics and SPSS

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Our staff has a solid background in statistics and are familiar with the nuances of the mathematics. We can take the instructions given to us by a client and prepare data for factor analysis or likert scale analysis. SPSS interpretation is also something that we are extremely good at conducting. We can help research groups better understand what the underlying knowledge contained in survey information. Having worked with both sector and private sector clients, we have a better understanding most third-party about the needs of information. Factor analysis is not some type of academic exercise with us. We provide accurate information and interpretation for all of our clients.