SPSS Descriptive Statistics Services

Officially known as Statistical Product and Services Solution, SPSS is a primary software package used for statistical analysis. It is used principally in market research and social sciences, but education and government also take advantage of this data crunching software. While it has many functions that can be used, SPSS descriptive statistics are those statistics more commonly used by people seeking information from the figures.

Mining the Data with the Software

SPSS descriptive statistics can be used for checking the accuracy of data and even developing indicators from the survey conducted with households. Frequencies are commonly used descriptive statistics. SPSS research can perform common frequencies such as mean and median, and go all the way up to skewness and kurtosis. The data reports can be fine-tuned by category labels and values, and the software does have the ability to do pie charts and other statistical related graphics. Some times more advanced SPSS descriptive statistics, such as descriptors themselves, will allow for some review of the statistics of given variables and calculate the Z-scores. All of this can be of great service to both private and public sector uses.

Descriptive Statistics In SPSS With Interpretation Challenges Posed

There’s no question that descriptive statistics can help in making firm decisions. The challenge arises with somebody who is not familiar with SPSS software. This is a great analytical tool but a person has to know how to input the data and what type of measures are being used. It can become terribly confusing for the average person. Being unfamiliar with the software can make this an almost useless exercise. It may be necessary to use an outside party to gain information from the numerical data that has to be inspected.

We Can Definitely Make Things Easier

We do not think that all people are ignorant of descriptive statistics. We do understand that many people have not been trained on the SPSS software and are routinely frustrated. Our team of experts has provided with custom SPSS services for quite some time. They understand how to assess the parameters and other bits of information so necessary to do an exact interpretation of the figures. The results of software run are not only accurate, but can be done in very short time as well. We fully understand how important it is to provide detailed results in a timely basis. No client is kept waiting for results.

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Let us take care of your data!

Descriptive statistics can make decisions easier but the information has to be accurate. All of our clients are confident in our abilities and we have provided the data results necessary to guide marketing or educational services. Our staff is able to do descriptive statistics in SPSS with interpretation included. We would be more than happy to discuss all we can do with a prospective client, and we welcome any inquiry with whatever questions a person needs to have answered. Please do feel free to contact us.