Hello dear professionals! My data analysis section in thesis would look great if I added some diagnostics (so i can relate each patient to some group). My tutor said that it can be done using SPSS research methods. Can you help me with this?

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  • Kanon

    Hi! Katy,
    I think your tutor said perfectly. Nowadays, to carry out any social research SPSS has become the pioneer in the software world. Not only social research, but also in other analytical research and project works SPSS research is being extensively used.

    You didn’t mention any thing specific in your question asked. However, you can receive extensive help from SPSSresearch.com. SPSSresearch.com is always ready to solve your problems associated with the database.

    So far I can guess from your question, you don’t have your dataset in SPSS format. If the dataset is in SPSS format, then you are one step ahead. If it is not in SPSS format, in which format is your dataset? Is it in .dbf or .xls or .mdb or .sta or in another format? No matter. Before giving the dataset to SPSSresearch.com, you need to ensure that your data is free from logical inconsistency.

    I think you are in the right place to get your tension reduced for your thesis data analysis using SPSS research. You place your order to SPSSresearch.com to get your work done with high quality output.


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