we are writing a test on distance measure in statistic and i would like to clarify some key points. Please, tell me about distance functions and how they can be measured using SPSS research methods.

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  • Karl

    For distance measurement the Euclidean distance is used in cluster analysis. Euclidean distance is the geometric distance between two objects/cases.

    In SPSS research you need to follow Analyze to Classify to Hierarchical Cluster. This procedure attempts to identify relatively homogenous groups of either cases or variables and the base of grouping is any selected character or characteristics. Seeing the television in homogeneous groups could be an example of this which is divided on based on viewer characteristics. In hierarchical clustering, an algorithm is generally used which start with each case (or variable) in a separate cluster and combine clusters until only one in left.

    However, then choose variables and label. After that, you need to click on display statistic and plots both options. If you click on statistic in the main dialog box then another dialog box appears and click Agglomeration schedule option and then click continue.

    (In this part, you can focus either cluster cases or cluster variables. If you chose cluster case, you will have to identify the variables you need to be considered to create clusters for the cases. And after that you need to specify how you want to identify your cases. This could be an ID number of your data set or something like that.

    After that you will get another dialog box on method of create clustering. You can choose customize as your option and then choose z score and finally ward’s methods. It provides you the value of distance.

    Hope this can give you an idea about your SPSS research question. I have focused here about cluster cases but you can consider cluster variable which is totally depended on your needs. In last words, just a tips for you is that you should listed all clusters but before that find out whether it is possible to all solutions will be identified.

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