Explain me please when we should use Chi square testing in our SPSS research

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Explain me please when we should use Chi square testing in our SPSS research

1 comment to Explain me please when we should use Chi square testing in our SPSS research

  • Jack

    Very simple but nice and useful question. For significant test, sometimes we cannot determine which test should be appropriate. Especially it is very much complected to the new SPSS researcher. But if you can remember the mechanism, you can easily identify which test you need to use for your SPSS research.

    What do we do to determine the proper testing method for our SPSS research? We first think if we use mean or percentage or something like that, right? If you use or compare the means, you can use T test which should be one sample T test or independent sample T test or paired sample T test or one way ANOVA. On the other hand, if we compare the proportions with hypothetical values, we can use Chi-square (goodness of fit) where we need to put the hypothesized proportions. Hope this simple explanation can meet your demands.

    Now we can see how we can do it. To do chi-square test in SPSS research, first go to Analyze from the menu. Then find out the Non parametric test and click on it. The find out the Chi-square and then Test variable list and then expected values and lastly click on Ok. You will find your result.

    However, if you have the data to compare proportions only and you wish to chi-square test for categorical data, you can do it easily with crosstabs. Sometimes you have to do compare of two groups of categorical data and in that case using crosstabs is one of the good ways. To do that, go to Analyze from the menu. Click on Crosstabs. A dialogue box will be opened. Select both Row variable and Column variable. From the statistics, select your expected chi-square and then click on Ok. You will find the result. In most cases, the second option is used in SPSS research.

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