FAQ on SPSS Issues

What is SPSS?

SPSS is a computer program used primarily for statistical procedure, especially data mining, text analytics and statistical analysis. Because of its multi faceted nature and diverse capabilities, the SPSS program can be as difficult to learn as it is useful

What is nominal, ordinal, scale in SPSS?

In SPSS you can specify the level of measurement as scale, ordinal, or nominal. A variable can be considered nominal when its values represent categories with no intrinsic ranking, ordinal when the values of the variable represent categories with some intrinsic ranking, and scale when the variable represents ordered categories with a meaningful metric.

What kind of SPSS projects are there?

SPSS projects can vary greatly in subject and scope. An SPSS project can be to conduct a survey, organize a large amount of data, analyze the correlation and relationship between elements of data, or to recognize trends in data. SPSS projects can pertain to or be about anything that has some sort of data, numbers, or SPSS text involved.

What kind of research SPSS can be conducted?

Anything relating to the collection, organization, analysis and interpretation of statistics can be researched with SPSS. If there’s data or a set of numbers involve then it can be researched with SPSS.

How can SPSS be applied in research?

If you’ve already conducted your research, what SPSS can do for you is organize this data and help you identify trends and correlations in it. No matter the amount of info you feed SPSS, SPSS will always be able to sort and organize it accordingly.

How can I take advantage of marketing research essentials with SPSS?

Marketing and marketing research is one of the most commonly used purposes of SPSS, it can be used to collect or analyze massive amounts of data critical to marketing, such as customer surveys and polls or identifying customer buying trends through data analysis. You can identify and use all the marketing research essentials with SPSS, making it a critical and hugely useful program to businesses.

How difficult is SPSS to use and learn?

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This all depends on your background experience and knowledge, but even with experience and statistics using the program for the first time can be difficult. The program is designed for people familiar with statistics, and it explains and introduces little to you.