Graphical presentation of frequency distribution


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In which condition we should use graphical presentation of frequency distribution? Is it wise to make a graphical presentation directly from SPSS or should I use MS Word for that? Can anybody explain it?

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  • Jack

    Graphical presentation of frequency distribution can give an idea about the nature of data to the readers. It is especially useful to those who are not familiar with data presentation.

    Data collected from am experiment or survey is generally in raw form and is not suitable to convey an idea about its nature and characteristics. For a detailed study and analysis of data, we must summarize the data by means of tabular and graphical methods. A good chart or graph enables us to grasp and understand the data more rapidly, and is often superior to a statistical table in this respect.

    I am describing some of the uses of graphs below.

    1. Graphical presentation can be used to elucidate the main features of a set of data.

    2. They can be used as an aid in deciding the appropriate method of a data analysis and in explaining the conclusions stemming from the analysis.

    3. They can sometimes help pinpoint gross errors in statistical records.

    The main types of graphical presentations or representations of tabulated data are:

    a. Bar diagram
    b. Line chart
    c. Pie char
    d. Histogram
    e. Scatter diagram

    However, in reply to your second question, my simple answer is that you can do the both. In SPSS research, many of the researchers used inbuilt graphical presentation system of SPSS. After making a graph or diagram, you can edit those easily; change the colors and there are many more options in SPSS. I listened that there are some extra plug-ins in SPSS for that though I did not use it yet.

    However, if you use Microsoft word by taking data from SPSS, this will be a nice alternative. You can some more advantages in MS word especially in colorful presentation. But to do so, please very careful about your data is being incorporated properly. Sometimes we do mistakes by converting data to graphical presentation in MS word.

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