Help me with SPSS research on binomial probability distribution

Help me with SPSS research on binomial probability distribution

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    SPSS research on binomial probability distribution
    This statistical experiment has the following properties:
    • n repeated trials
    • Dichotomous result (two possible outcomes)
    • Probability of success is the same on every trial.
    • The trials are independent.
    Binomial probability test is a non parametric test that compares the observed frequencies of the two categories of a dichotomous variable to the frequencies expected under a binomial distribution with a specified probability parameter.
    Given a data file (a variable) there is a need to split the data into two possible outcomes i.e. dichotomous. This splitting could be done using test proportion, mean, median or mode value.
    From SPSS
    From the menus choose:
    Split File…
    Select Compare groups or Organize output by groups.
    Select one or more grouping variables.
    If the data file isn’t already sorted by values of the grouping variables, select Sort the file by grouping variables.
    To begin analysis, choose:
    From SPSS Analyze menu
    Non parametric tests
    Binomial test dialogue appears. By default test proportion is ser at 0.50 which can be changed to any other proportion of interest. Also defining dichotomous by default GET FROM THE DATA is selected.
    If your test involves using mean, median, mode or specified value, then one must DEFINE DICHOTOMOUS by selecting CUT POINT and type in the value.
    Click options to either include descriptive or quartiles.
    You can click the help button on the binomial test dialog to get more information on how to carry out binomial probability and also some examples.

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