Help with the Frequency Command in SPSS

When You Should Use Frequency Command in SPSS Research

Frequencies are usually applied for the primary research of a data set and are one of the most used tests in SPSS Research. Frequencies allow statistics and graphical shows that are helpful for describing all various types of variables.

The Frequencies process can generate such statistics as: frequencies (counts), percent, cumulative percent, average, median, mode, add, conventional deviation, variation, range, lowest and highest values, conventional fault of the average, skewness and kurtosis (both with conventional mistakes), quartiles and percentiles. It may also generate bar charts, pie charts, and histograms.

To modify the presentation of table and charts, unique principles can be ordered in climbing or climbing down order by their class or by the value of their counts. The frequencies report may be decreased when a varying has too many unique values. Charts, which are generate by this dictation, may be labeled with frequencies (default on) or percent.

How to Start Frequency Analysis for SPSS Research

The dictation is found at Analyze-Descriptive Statistics-Frequencies (it is shorthand for selecting  the analyze menu at the head of the screen  and then selecting  Descriptive Statistics from the bottom menu and Frequencies from the top menu):

SPSS Research with Frequency Command

Choose one or more variables that you want to analyzee by selecting the varying labels  in the Frequencies panel. To pick various variables, press the Control key and select the variables you desire. Select the arrow key to add up selected variables to the Variable(s) menu.

SPSS Research with Frequency Command 2

Select the Statistics… key and assure the percentile values, distribution statistics, dispersion statistics and central tendency measures you need. Select the continue key.

SPSS Research with Frequency Statistics

Select the Charts… key to produce charts of the analyzed  variables, and choose the type of chart which  you desire. Select the continue key.

SPSS Research with Frequency Statistics 2

Select the Format… key to produce and arrange the outcomes, and choose the format in which you desire your outcomes shown. Select the continue key

SPSS Research with Frequency Analysis

Select the OK key in the Frequencies panel to run the analysis. The outcome  will be shown in a different SPSS Viewer screen.

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