How to Buy SPSS Online?

How to Buy SPSS OnlineTrying to buy SPSS applications off the Internet can be extremely confusing, and sticker shock is a huge problem. It’s easy to run up a tab that makes it look like the software can only be had for tens of thousands of dollars. There are academic discounts available for those users who qualify, and those who need to use it for a short period of time can actually end up renting out a license. This is a great way to save money when in a pinch and up against the wall. In addition, programmers and students who want to know how to aggregate data in SPSS can certainly do themselves a favor by taking a look at our professional guide.

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Ordering from a Vendor

When buying SPSS make sure to only use an official vendor. Those who go through the official channels will expect not to be cheated. There are several packages available. The IBM SPSS Statistics Standard program features:

= Stats Base

= Advanced Stats Installer

= Custom Tables

= Regression Analysis

The next package up, which is called the Professional Base, includes each of these features:

= Stats Base

= Advanced Installer

= Categories functions

= Custom tables

= Data prep

= Decision trees

= Forecasting

= Missing Values

= Regression

Additionally there’s a premium bundle for those who need AMOS and other such advanced options. That being said, buying any of these bundles is an excellent way to run up a huge bill. There are better ways available for those who are willing to shop around. Shopping around doesn’t mean traveling to a strange site though. Look for an official renter who is willing to rent out licenses, since this sort of an arrangement can help to cut down on the amount that ends up as an out of pocket expense at the end of the day.

Getting a Good Deal

buy spss

Going to buy SPSS is usually confusing because most options are geared toward an enterprise-level solution. IBM generally sells licenses to large organizations, and doesn’t really have much in the way of academic features. That might be why so many universities are buying SPSS licenses and individual users can’t. This is precisely why an industry has sort of sprung up surrounding the rental of such licenses. Look at college textbook stores that have gone online, because they’ll sometimes rent it out. Moreover, learning how to do any work with the Amos features is difficult. Read our SPSS Amos tutorial and be prepared to use these advanced types of statistical analysis.


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