How to Import Data from Excel to SPSS Using Converter?

How to Import Data from Excel to SPSS Using ConverterGoing to import excel into SPSS shouldn’t be too hard, but a few complications might make it a little more difficult for some consumers. The variety of Excel spreadsheet formats that are now in use is probably the most notable complication that people run into, though there are others. If both pieces of software are functioning perfectly fine then there really shouldn’t be anything wrong with either. The process should be rather quick. Moreover, it’s worth visiting our site where you may get additional information about how we can help with SPSS.

Working with Excel Spreadsheets

The first step on the way to convert excel to SPSS is, of course, to open up the SPSS software. Then follow the remaining steps to transfer excel to SPSS:

1) Users who are prompted with a window that asks something like “What would you like to do?” should choose the second option, which generally reads “Type in Data” depending on the version of the software in question.

2) Select the File menu and then navigate to the Open function.

3) Select the bottom to drop down box and then select the type of file as Excel, which should include XLS, XLSX and XLSM files.

4) Navigate to the exact Excel file in question and click on Open.

5) This should cause the “Opening Excel Data Source” dialogue box to open up, which should permit the user to import a spreadsheet.

Sometimes a spreadsheet will have taken the opportunity to define variable names from the first row. There’s a “Read Variable Names from the first row of data” option for users who are dealing with this sort of thing. Some people like to define names in this section, so people will very often need to select this. Otherwise, the variable names will have to be manually defined at a later occasion. This might take a few moments when there are numerous variables, but there shouldn’t usually be more than maybe ten. Besides, choosing between Minitab and SPSS is rather difficult for many users, but our professional guide will help to show when one is clearly better than the other.

Loading up Spreadsheets

It’s possible to also use this function to load up spreadsheets formatted with different techniques. Some people use comma-delimited values or something similar, and these spreadsheets are just as popular as regular Excel options. The benefit of this format is that it allows for the use of text editors to look at SPSS data. Here is an example.


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