How to Run and Interpret Descriptive Statistics in SPSS

What Is a Descriptives Command?

Descriptive determines univariate research, such as mean minimum, standard deviation and maximum for number factors and shown in only one table for better evaluation.

Descriptive statistics are useful for discovering and analyzing information (such as how data are allocated or dispersed) anterior to doing statistical assessments and therefore carrying out statistical research and data presentation in your SPSS research. Descriptive statistics are useful to assist discover and analyze data before doing statistical assessments on the data. Maps, charts, scatter plots, histograms, etc., are also beneficial for creatively discovering data and statistics.

When Should You Use Descriptives in SPSS Research?

When there is no necessitate to sort assesses into a frequency table, Descriptives are an effective means of processing summary statistics for ongoing variables. Almost all statistics offered in descriptives can be find from other actions such as Examine, Means, and Frequencies.

Although Frequencies could also supply univariate statistics, Descriptives shows summary statistics for several variables in only one table. It can also determine and save the standardized values. Variables can be ordered by the size of their means (in acceding or descending), alphabetically, or by the order in which exploiter chooses the variables (default).

The command is found at Analyze | Descriptive Statistics | Descriptives (this is short hand for pressing the Analyze menu item at the exceed of the window, and then clicking on Descriptive Statistics from the drop down selection, and Descriptives from the top up menu.):

Descriptive Statistics in SPSS

The descriptives dialogue box will appear. Now, we necessitate to choose the variables we want to analyze. The left box reveals a list of variables.  simply choose the varying visible (Visualization test), and then simply choose the arrow key to prompt it to the Variable box. 

Descriptive Command in SPSS Research

Repetition to move the variables “mosaic” (Detecting patterns test), and “mathach” (Math achievement) to the right box, these’re the variables to be examined.

Descriptives in SPSS Research

Click on Options button, you’ll see the descriptive Options dialogue. Choose the statistics that you wish by clicking on them (e.g. Mean; under, check STD, Dispersion section. Deviation, Minimum, Variance and Maximum; and under Display Order section, check Variable list, etc.).Then click on Continue button. 

Applying Descriptive Statistics in SPSS

You’re back to descriptive dialogue screen. Click on the OK button in the Descriptives dialog box. The SPSS Output Viewer will come out with your results in it. The following is an instance of the output:

Interpretation of Descriptives in SPSS

The output affords the values of the requested statistics. Finally you may see the output of the Summarize procedure, which can be utilized to acquire descriptive information about data.

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