MARNOVA in SPSS research

Please explain when we use MARNOVA in SPSS research

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  • Multivariate analysis of Variance (MANOVA) is used for estimate main effect and interaction effect like ANOVA in SPSS research. It is also used for producing multivariate, significance test with the help of f various ANOVA experimental designs. The specialty of MANOVA is it can use more than one dependent variable instead of ANOVA. Moreover, MANOVA is also appropriate for a set of correlated dependent variables in SPSS research. If multiple dependent variables are found uncorrelated or orthogonal, in that case ANOVA on each of the dependent variable is more appropriate than MANOVA. This analysis follows several assumptions which are stated bellow:

    1. One independent variable including two or more categorical independent groups.
    2. Two or more dependent variable which should be continuous(interval/ratio)
    3. Multivariate normality distribution
    4. Among independent groups equity of variances is required in case of testing homogeneity of variances
    5. Independence of cases is required

    In SPSS research you can use MANOVA analysis. First you need to click on Analyze option. Then from Analyze option you have to choose General Linear Model option. After that you will get Multivariate option. Then a new window will be appeared which termed as Multivariate. In this window there in options to put the dependent variables, you should move the variables which you want to treated as dependent one. Then you have to move the independent variables to the Fixed Factor(s) box. If you have any continuous independent variable then moves it to the Covariate(s) box. If you want to plot your factors then click the Plot option and move them into the Horizontal Axis and the other two options. Then click the Post Hoc option and then you will get another new window where you need to put the variable name which you will be require for Post Hoc test. Two tests are standard for doing the Post Hoc, Borferroni and Games-Howell. Click these two tests and then click continue. And finally click OK and you will get your output.

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