Non-parametric SPSS methods

Please, help me to get A for my SPSS research!

All I need to know is what equivalent parametric methods have non-parametric SPSS tests. For instance, what is the correspondence for Kendall’s W?

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1 comment to Non-parametric SPSS methods

  • Belen

    SPSS research methods have the following parametric and non-parametric tests:
    1. Test of means (between 2 related samples): Paired T-Test (Parametric) vs Wilcoxon or Sign rank test (Non-Parametric)

    2. Test of means (between 2 independent samples): Independent samples T-test (Parametric) vs Mann-Whitney Test (Non-Parametric)

    3. Test of differences among k independent samples: ANOVA (Parametric) vs Kruskall Wallis Test (Non-Parametric)

    4. Correlation Analysis/Test for Association: Pearson’s Correlation (Parametric) vs Spearman Rho or Kendall’s Tau (Non-parametric)

    5. Test for Independence: Chi-Square test for both parametric and non-parametric.

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