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There are many statistics software like SPSS, R, STATA, SAS, MATLAB etc. One of my teachers teaches us using R and another one use SPSS. Is their any technique to integration of that software to SPSS?

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  • Jack

    This is very good for your career that you are learning both R and SPSS for SPSS research. It is really a nice chance to you. However, if I understand your question properly, you wanted to know the technique of using R data in your SPSS software.

    I do not about the previous versions of SPSS, but I find a nice plug in for both SPSS 16 and SPSS 17 software. If you want to use R data in your SPSS research, you can download a free plug in named “SPSS-R integration Plug In. There are a number of plug in for SPSS and you have to select according to your SPSS version. If you use SPSS 16, I think you need R version 2.5. For SPSS 17, you will need to download R version 2.7 and for 18, you need to use R version 2.8.

    However, I believe you already know R works with commands and hope you are familiar with the both SPSS and R commands. If you do not know you must learn this because without command system, you cannot do anything. Search about R-project and you will find a number of tutorials and helps in Internet. Besides, you will get some help from SPSS help option. This is for your information that it is not possible to execute SPSS command syntax from within R program block. However, you have the opportunity to use multiple R programme blocks separated by SPSS command syntax. Pleas also learn the differences of the commands of the two separate software.

    However, I intend to inform you another thing. You may know that R project is free of cost but you will have to buy SPSS software. Recently I find new and nice software which is entirely free and lightweight. This is named PSPP, just vice versa of SPSS. I did test R integration plug in with PSPP and it works better. So, I think you can use R integrated plug in with both SPSS and PSPP.

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