Random sampling

It is very disgusting that I, often, have to use random sample table to determine the sample. It takes too much time. Is there any way to select samples from a large list with in a shortest time?

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  • Roy

    I assume you are a student and your supervisor asks you to use that table you mentioned. Regarding learning, I think using the random table is a very good practice and you should do this. You can learn many things from that which will help you in future.

    However, of course, in SPSS research, there is a way of selecting samples from a list. This way is very simple which is described below.

    1. First make a list of your sample. For example, if you want to know the walking habit of the students of your class, collect the list of the students and then make numbering from 1 to last. Let me assume that you have a list of 200 students. Then the first number will be 1 and the last will be 200.

    2. Type the numbers under a variable.

    3. In SPSS 16 version, click on “Data” and then to “Select Cases…”

    4. A dialogue box will be opened. You will see a number of options there.

    5. In the left part, you will find all the variables of your data file. Just select your desired variable.

    6. Under “Select”, you will see some options.

    a) If you want to draw sample for your SPSS research from all cases, select the first option named “All cases”.
    b) If you want to place a condition, then select the second one “If condition is satisfied”. For example, you can choose only girls or boys.
    c) For random sample, use the third option.
    d) If you want to consider time range for sample, use the fourth option.
    e) For filter the variable, use the last option of select part.

    7. After selecting your desired option, just press okay. However, you will see some more options under the mentioned five conditions. Use those options according to your need.

    8. After pressing “OK”, you will see a new variable named “filter_$” on which you will see your selected sample for your SPSS research.

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