Binary Logistic Regression SPSS Services

Regression analysis is the study of prediction based on a number of variables. A form that takes a look at dichotomous dependent variables is binary logistic regression. SPSS can perform the necessary calculations on data that has been supplied by researchers but there is a very serious component that must be there prior to the data run: the equation.

SPSS Needs More Than Data Input

This software is a very powerful tool for statistical research. However, there’s more to this than inputting sets of data and pushing a button to get a model featuring binary logistic regression. SPSS will require that the equation be established with the appropriate variables assigned their place in the mathematical string. There is a price to pay for doing this the wrong way.

Serious Confusion can Surface

There are a multitude of regression models and sometimes it’s hard to tell binary logistic regression from bivariate regression. Nonparametric regression SPSS will not automatically note the difference. As with any software program, it relies on the proper commands coming from experienced individual who is well aware of regression models. The wrong equation will deliver incorrect results. Research projects operate on a budget and money can’t be wasted. Neither money nor time will be squandered when we are brought in as a third party service.

Seasoned Professionals with Regression Experience

We are aware of the pressures that a research team may be experiencing because many of our associates come from academic research environments. Consequently, we go the extra mile to see to it the variables are assigned properly and the predictors are identified accurately. Our SPSS research service is based on experience with numerous research projects both in the public and private sectors. The stress of a deadline is not something that affects us, because we have worked under serious time constraints often. What is most important is that the work that we do is anchored in an in-depth understanding of regression models, and the ability to program SPSS accordingly. A binary logistic regression model may seem to be a frightening task for some people. We look at it as part of providing superior service to those who put their trust in us.

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Let us take care of your data!

The knowledge gained from a binary logistic regression model can lead to additional research or important decisions that have to be made. Errors are not acceptable. Our clients know that we can prepare the data, program it efficiently and SPSS, and produce conclusions that we are able to interpret so that the results are clear. We do our very best to help and our efficiency and professionalism are both qualities that former clients have noted.