Nonlinear Regression SPSS Services

It can appear in some instances where statistical tests are alike. That can happen between linear and nonlinear regression analysis since both relate a response to a given number of predictor variables. There is a difference, however, between linear and nonlinear regression. Hierarchial regression SPSS is able to perform the calculations for either and is dependent on how the program is set up.

Nonlinear’s Prime Feature

nonlinear rests on a prediction equation which will be influenced nonlinearly on one or more parameters that is unknown. It is used when there are reasons for thinking that the response and predictor relationships follow a particular form. Nonlinear regression analysis can be used in biological science or any other research that has a unknown parameters is nonlinear. Exponential decay or exponential growth models will be heavily influenced by nonlinear regression. SPSS software has to be set up precisely to perform the statistical work.

Danger Of Confusion

Linear and nonlinear regression are almost too close for comfort in appearance. A problem can arise when a researcher is not fully aware of what the real differences are when it comes to putting the data into SPSS. Nonlinear regression requires different sets of information and the instructions to the software package have to be precise. It is entirely possible that a linear regression analysis is done by accident. That is a problem that should not happen but as a justification for bringing in experts outside assistance. We are able to provide expert assistance when comes to nonlinear regression.

Statistical Expertise

Our staff of statistical consultants fully understands the difference between linear and nonlinear regression. It is because of our experience in doing both. We know what parameters and conditions have to be inputted to SPSS in order to get the proper models for analysis. That is something that not everybody can do well. We are able to do this thanks to the experience and academic knowledge our team has. We can help explain the conclusions and indicate what the analysis is trying to say. Information that we derive is accurate and highly reliable.

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Research has to be accurate in order to be meaningful. There can’t be confusion between one form of regression and the other. We know the pitfall of accidentally doing linear regression as opposed to non-linear, and we watch of that happening. Those research projects that have used our services breathe a sigh relief when they see us. They know that our nonlinear regression SPSS services are the best in the business.