Ordinal Regression SPSS Services

In the lexicon of statistics, the logistic regression used to predict behavior of what are ordinal variables with a set of variables that are independent is called ordinal regression. SPSS is a software package that has the flexibility to do any number of statistical analyses testing with ordinal regression being one of them.

Is There a Purpose for Ordinal Regression?

Those who are outside of the world of statistics often wonder what is the reason for so many of these tests of statistics. But probabilities of opinions or attitudes are very important social sciences and can be uncovered by tests such as ordinal logistics regression. Multiple regression SPSS makes the job a lot easier for researchers because this software package can do the calculation and eliminate the human error that happens when the regression study is done manually. Of course, there is a possibility of human error prior to running the software.

Human Error Prior to the Test

Human error is not intentional nor is an act of sabotage, but the variables have to be inputted into the system properly. The conditions and parameters must be exact for a proper test of ordinal regression. SPSS is meant to do the calculations but it will only respond to the data and instructions inputted. This requires an understanding of how to prepare SPSS. Ordinal regression is something that we can do without any difficulty.

We Have Proficiency in All Statistical Testing

We have been brought in as a third party on numerous projects where ordinal regression analysis is needed. We are familiar with the correct way of structuring the analysis so that information that is needed is derived. One of our special areas is operating and SPSS research package. Our staff has had considerable experience working with SPSS, and can run all forms of statistical tests using the software. We do appreciate how important ordinal regression is for any consumer survey and we set up the software run so that the most exact information possible is generated.

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Ordinal regression is not just a brainteaser for mathematicians. We understand the seriousness of this type of analysis and we offer a service that is both professional and accurate. Our clients can rest assured that when they put their trust in us they will not be disappointed. We are very professional and all that we do and the appreciation of past clients is testimony to our success.