Sociological problems solved due to SPSS research

What problems and questions that arise in sociology can be solved using SPSS research methods?

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  • Jack

    I think there is no specific answer of your question because it totally depends on the character of the study objective. If you wish you can provide answer all of the sociological problems. However, it is also true there are many researches where SPSS research is not appropriate. For example, if you want to know the existing situation of a specific ethnic group of your area, you can use quantitative means SPSS research methods. On the other hand, if you want to know the nature and character of the the problems of the ethnic groups of your country, many researchers will suggest you to use qualitative method because in qualitative approach, you have the lot of opportunities to explore your thoughts.

    So, I think you already understand that everything is possible to know the problems and questions related to sociology by using SPSS research. But the question is that will it be time and money consuming? Will it be so much explorative? You will have to find the answers based on your experience.

    However, some objectives and research question can be answered categorically or by some stages or dichotomously. If you can divided your data into some parts in your sociological research, I would love to suggest you to use SPSS research. If you think the variation of data is so high that you should not use SPSS research. On the other hand, if you want to collect data on respondents’ opinion or suggestions or advices, you should use qualitative method. If you do that works by using qualitative method, you will see in your data set a huge number of data code. For example, you ask to your respondent that what do you think about early marriage of the girls. You can expect 100 people give you 100 kinds of answers. So, how do you code it? But if you put some code in your questionnaire, you can code the answer easily though you will miss some variations. I hope this can help you.

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