SPSS analysis that indicates influence of separate variables

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Is there any SPSS analysis that can indicate and measure influence of separate variables on the dependent one? The goal of my research is how social media influence on student’s life. I have already collected filled questionnaires and there are mentioned several factors as frequency, online time etc. How can I evaluate which of these factors has the greatest impact on IQ, for instance?

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  • student01

    This is an algorithm whereby you will use Factor analysis first and then apply Regression analysis.

    The appropriate analysis to use is linear regression. Reason being the more you use online time, broadcasting etc the more you social network increase, hence linear. With regression analysis you will be able to come up with autonomous (α) social media influence and measure of the influence by an extra added means of media.
    Y = α + βX1 + βX2 + ……+ ε
    Y- Student’s life (dependent)
    X- online time etc (independent) – factors that can influence student’s life (social media).
    Ε-disturbance term

    From SPSS Analyze menu
    In the dialogue box click help for an example.
    Factor analysis attempts to identify underlying variables, or factors, that explain the pattern of correlations within a set of observed variables so you don’t have to use all the factors in you regression model. Factor analysis is often used in data reduction to identify a small number of factors that explain most of the variance observed in a much larger number of manifest variables.
    The purpose of data reduction is to remove redundant (highly correlated) variables from the data file, perhaps replacing the entire data file with a smaller number of uncorrelated variables
    From SPSS, Procedure Analyze menu
    Data reduction
    Use principle components method
    In the dialogue box click help for an example

    How can I evaluate which of these factors has the greatest impact on IQ?
    The factors that have high frequency than the others
    From SPSS, Procedure Analyze menu
    Descriptive statistics
    Frequencies (select all factors)
    Click statistics button check mode, continue & then ok.
    High frequency and mode greatest impact on IQ

    EPI-INFO is good for capturing your questionnaire and then exporting to SPSS

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