SPSS Basics and SPSS Research HOWTOs

Introduction to SPSS Research

SPSS is a software for statistical analysis. Having created back in 1960s it holds the major part of researches done by marketing agencies, internal marketing or analytical departments, students learning SPSS itself and how to do the crosstabs SPSS and SPSS researches. SPSS as a product has few versions that fit perfect to the actual reserch needs. The software has descriptive statistics functionality, Bivariate statistics, prediction for numerical outcomes and prediction for identifying groups. The researches run with SPSS on these statistical avenues are often supplied not with numeric data only but with graphical representation of the data, and actually researches’ results. SPSS has strong functioanlity of doing this graphical representation of any research you do.

SPSS Services

The external services that supply research SPSS are too few. To do a research you always got to posses the maximum of input data that actually the customer or the original research maker holds alone. By buying a research done with SPSS or other statictical program, you as the client got to be ready to pay not cheap, to supply all the essential information and be ready to answer any questions on the task that SPSS researcher hired [or the one that SPSS Research Making Service or Company hires] may ask to clarify the task itself.

Our SPSS Research Service

We started in 2010 but we are on the market since the late 1990s. We are a team of professionals who were doing complex and qualitive statistical researching and counting for our ex-employers. In 2010 we were gathered under a single roof to assist in researches to those SPSS users who are yet to learn all the features and techniques of the software. We sell our SPSS experience, and we welcome you to buy it. A research done by us using SPSS would meet your expectations, otherwise you get full money back.