Syntax in SPSS

I have admitted in a statistics coaching tutorial where instructor told us to use syntax in SPSS. I practiced SPSS using syntax some days but I think it is difficult to continue statistical analysis by writing command. Should I use syntax always? Please advise me.

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  • Jack

    Well, every system has a good as well as a bad side. Using syntax has also a good side with the bad one. On the other hand, working without syntax has some limitations. I think your instructor is right regarding using syntax in your SPSS research.

    Before going to the next discussion, please allow me to inform you the strength of the syntax. You find both graphical and syntax options in your SPSS software. You may question that as you are getting all facilities by graphical commands, why should you use syntax? This is because writing syntax can make your learning strengthen. When you write syntax, you actually produce some logics and calculation. In statistics or SPSS research, placing logic and mathematical calculation is very important part. When you are writing syntax, you actually are writing your needs step by step. And when you put the run command, your software will present your desired output. Syntax follows logical process with a disciplined, systematic and continuous process. You can get first to last output by writing some syntax for which you will to put a number of instruction for graphical process.

    On the other hand, graphical command is easy to learn but it has some limitations. If you start your SPSS learning, you actually will miss many of the amazing options of syntax. Besides, your learning will not be so stronger and sustainable as you will not be able to put logics and mathematical calculations in future. Graphical commands give you a change to do the tasks without knowing the inner parts of the statistics which will not be possible for syntax. This rule is not only true for SPSS research but also for all programs and languages. So, like your instructor, I suggest you to learn syntax. You will get enough time to work with the graphical commands.

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