Dichotomous variable


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In my SPSS research, I get different kinds of observations. The number of observation is too high to draw a conclusion. In this situation, is it possible to convert those in dichotomous variable?

1 comment to Dichotomous variable

  • Jack

    It will be clear to me if you present your questions and pattern of your answer. Without any clue, it is not possible to make a suggestion for your SPSS research. However, from your question, I assume that you had an open ended question and you got a number of answers from your respondents and now you cannot do anything as there are many answers found for the question. Am I right?

    This type of problem is found when you put an open ended as well as vague question. I have the same experience. I asked to my respondents that “What do you think about quality education”? I got more than 100 types of answers and get collapsed!

    In that situation, I suggest you first note down all the answers and then make some groups. You can create a group by organizing same or similar answers. For example, you got 15 answers which are related to the respondents’ psychological condition. You can easily put in a group. You should make some groups and then categorize those.

    In dichotomous, there are only two values such as yes or no, positive or negative, pass or fail. I do not think you can work with dichotomous process for your present data set in your SPSS research. Category will be the best option for you. However, if you think you can take 4 categories instead of 10. First look at your objective and find out what kind of category it demands actually.

    My last suggestion is do not be panic to see the large number of answers. And I would like to suggest you not to put open ended question in your quantitative SPSS research. This kind of question is suitable for the qualitative method. If possible, before going to data collection, assume the possible answers and then pilot those and then place those in different categories.