Discriminant Analysis vs ANOVA

I’m absolutely confused with all that SPSS research methods and when i each of them should be applied! Now I have to do discriminant analysis and explain how its result will differ from the one obtained after ANOVA test. I’m totally puzzled! Please, help!

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    Discriminant analysis and ANOVA tests are SPSS research methods’ tools designed to determine the significant differences of a certain group of subjects or people or objects. Both SPSS research methods attempt to explain a certain dependent variable as a linear combination of a certain set of predictor or independent variables. ANOVA test is used If the dependent variable is a numeric or a continuous variable. Discriminant Analysis, on the other hand, is the appropriate SPSS research tool for identifying group differences if the dependent variable is categorical.

    The SPSS out for one way ANOVA test is an (F test ) and Discriminant Analysis (Wilk’s Lambda Test) both describe whether or not there is a significant difference in the means of the dependent variable for each level or group of the factor or independent variables.