How to Boxplot SPSS Easily?

How to Boxplot SPSS EasilyMaking a boxplot with the SPSS software is an excellent way to show off the results of a data analysis. Nevertheless, it might be a little confusing to those who are first-time users of the program. Keep in mind that the initial data needs to be organized in the first place in order to make it usable. Otherwise the boxplots that come out of it will be assigned to different variables. That can be a serious problem in the end, so take a few moments to make sure they’re all assigned right. Besides, those who go to buy SPSS software off the Internet will invariably come to a variety of sketchy vendors. Use our guide to find an official dealer and get a good price.

Drawing a Plot

Those who want to draw a SPSS boxplot on a blank sheet should follow along with the tutorial steps that show how it’s done:

1) Open the data up in the SPSS program.

2) Navigate to the Analyze menu and then select Descriptive Statistics.

3) Use the Descriptive Statistics Explore feature.

4) Select the variables that need to be explored and then click left-pointing arrows next to each one in order to move them over to the Dependents box.

5) Check to ensure the variables were moved to said box correctly; it should be on the top right side. Approve the dialogue box and then give the program time to generate the plot.

Users who follow all five steps in order to generate a regular boxplot will probably be rather confused by the outcome. The software will often generate a stem-and-leaf chart and a pair of Q-Q plots along with it. One of the Q-Q plots will come standard while the other will be de-trended. These can be safely ignored, but make sure that the box plot has reasonable values. Sometimes an error will result and give a strange-looking image.

Looking at Graphs

The question then always comes up about what the best way to present these graphs is. Many people will print them, but this isn’t an option in classes that require people to hand them in via electronic methods. The SPSS software can export things as images, or a screenshot could be taken. Those who have the right plug-in options might want to look at presenting their graphs as PDF documents, since this is becoming a common way to replace print altogether. Moreover, you may learn more about how to bootstrap SPSS on our site.

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