My college professor said that my dataset is too heterogeneous and that I need exclude the outliers. All the data analysis was made using SPSS package, so I am sure that there must be some SPSS research method that can “clean” my data. Don’t you know which one?

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    There is actually a tool in SPSS research methods that can help you identify the outliers or the extremely high or low values in your dataset. In the data view of your SPSS window, click on Analyze. Then select Descriptive statistics and choose Explore. In this SPSS research method, there is a tab for “Statistics”. Click on this tab and check the box corresponding to “Outliers”. In your SPSS research output window, a table for Extreme values will be shown. The corresponding case numbers for the extreme values are shown in the table. You can then manually delete these case numbers from your SPSS research database.