P-P plot


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What is P-P plot? How it can be drawn in SPSS research? In which type of SPSS research, I can use it?

1 comment to P-P plot

  • By P-P plot we meant Probability-Probability plot or Percentage-Percentage plot used in SPSS research. It is a probability plot which is used for assign how closely the two data sets located. For creating this plot two cumulative distribution of the required data sets are needed. It is useful to compare within the two probability distributions which can be locate near or far from each other. This plot has limited use in comparing two variables rather than use in explaining theoretical model. Additionally, as a graphical adjunct of the fit of probability distributions, this P-P plot can be used in SPSS research.

    There is an improve model of P-P plot termed as S-P plot which is used for variance stabilizing transformation of a distribution in SPSS research. A graphical representation of this P-P plot can help you to decide whether your data sets are following Normal distribution or not. It follows similar way to create a Q-Q plot. First you have to open your data set. In you Data view/ the Output View you can get an Analyze option. Now click on the Analyze option then you will get several sub-options. From this choose regression, then linear and then you will get a new window for leaner regression. Then you have to put the dependent and independent variables name and then you have to click Plot option. After clicking the plot option you will get another new window of leaner regression plots. Here you have to put the X and Y variables and then click the normal probability option. After that you have to click continue and then ok. When you get your P-P plot you can change your title or add something new. For do this please do click on title button and you will get a new dialog box, write your title and then click Ok. Similarly you can change the front and their size and color for your SPSS research.

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