Regression SPSS Help

Intuition is a dangerous decision-making tool in the business world. It is plagued by the possibility of human error and rarely uses verifiable data. The new economy does not leave much room for error and is better to work with real data than common sense or hunch. One type of statistical tool that can help is analysis using regression. SPSS software has the capability to do the type of analysis that can help make better decisions.

Regression Deals With The Facts

Business fortunately generates enormous amount of data and regression analysis will allow for the testing of independent variables that may have an impact on a dependent one. Decision-makers can run regression tests to see what factors may have an effect on any given variable, and there is the ability to determine what activities affected cost. These are major benefits that tests run on regression in SPSS software can provide for management. It allows for  decisions based on facts and not guesses.

Accuracy Is Necessary

Although regression can be of great service this is not something that is an easy task. The results are dependent not only on accurate data inputted but also the proper instructions given to SPSS. Poor data along with the wrong instructions to the software can deliver regression that is totally out of line with reality. This makes it almost useless for any manager. It isn’t surprising that not everybody in the business world has an understanding of SPSS. This is a software package that requires a fair amount of understanding that comes with hands-on use. We provide the kind of service that is based on using SPSS for a large number of projects with different clients.

We Can Do a Number Of Regression Tests

We invite clients to run as many tests as needed in regression. SPSS can handle a number of factors and we can produce whatever report is necessary. Our staff has handled large amounts of data and any number of statistical tests using SPSS research. We are able to provide the kind of information that helps make the right decisions on future activity, and changes that may have to be made in administration.

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