Should I Choose SPSS or Minitab?

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Picking SPSS or Minitab can be difficult, and an entire field of academic research has started to grow around that choice in its own right. There was a prominent white paper written on the topic, and this caused the debate to fuel up even more. Overall the choice depends on what sort of thing is supposed to be accomplished. Depending on the task the choice could change, and a few people use more than one piece of software. Regardless, this is usually considered too expensive to do so a choice has to be made. What is more, getting SPSS assignment help can be very important, especially when one is up against the clock. Talk to one of our top professionals today about SPSS data analysis.

Looking at Differences Between SPSS and Minitab

Perhaps the biggest difference between SPSS and Minitab from a statistical standpoint is the manner in which the two handle binary response data. While the results given are generally the same, those who pay constant close attention will notice that the three link functions differ to some degree. On top of this, several other functions deliver different results:

  • Users may see Minitab deliver a different result for logic runs
  • Normal runs will usually produce varying results
  • Different response variables will come out of the two packages
  • Complementary logo-log functions are handled in a very different way
  • Odds ratios for individual model parameters will change on the two platforms
  • Default binary dependent probability is different for each

In addition, the lesser-known SAS package uses a smaller value by setting zero to default in order to estimate the probability. SPSS and Minitab both instead set a higher sorted value to one as a default. This has a huge influence on estimated parameters, and this may be why fewer people continue to use the SAS package over the other two. Moreover, it’s worth visiting our site where you may get additional information about how we can help with our SPSS services.

difference between spss and minitab analyses

Minitab generally performs the best when it comes to fit tests. The software offers a number of different tests for this:

  • Deviance
  • Pearson
  • Hosmer-Lemeshow Chi-square

Choosing Between the Two Softwares

When trying to decide between Minitab and SPSS, it’s obvious that user-friendliness will not be a factor. Both are very innovative and can be used even by those who might not be familiar with the packages. While a working knowledge of mathematics is, of course, a must, nothing else really is. This may be another reason the two are often picked over the older SAS packages that are still on the market.

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