Statistical functions

I was asked to explain about statistical functions in my next presentation. I actually learned these but forgot. Can anyone help me by informing me about statistical function in-details?

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  • Roy

    For basic SPSS research, statistical functions are very important for data analysis. I am sure you know the functions but somehow forgot to remember. However, I am explaining the functions below. As there are many statistical functions used in SPSS research, I am just explaining six major functions below for you understanding. The functions are: Sum, Mean, Standard Deviation, Variance, Maximum and Minimum.

    SUM (numexpr, numexpr, …): This function is used to find the sum of some arguments which have valid values. This function requires more than one variable or more than arguments which are numeric in character.

    Mean (numexpr, numexpr, …): Mean is mainly used to find the arithmetic mean of the given arguments which have valid values. Like the SUM, this function requires more than one numeric value.

    Standard Deviation (numexpr, numexpr, …): For SPSS research, this function is very important to understand the homogeneity of the values. It also requires two or more numeric values or arguments.

    Variance (numexpr, numexpr, …): This variance function is being used to find the differences of the arguments of the valid values which help the SPSS researchers to understand the special difference of the values.

    Maximum (value, value, …): Among the values of an argument or variable, the highest value is called as Maximum. This will also be numeric where the function contains more than one values.

    Minimum (value, value, …): This is just a diverse factor of maximum where the lowest value of a variable is being considered as minimum.

    I am sure you already understand about the statistical functions. In SPSS research, statistical functions give us an idea about the nature and character of the data set. If anyone wants to do just basic statistical analysis, they can use these statistical functions. However, hope you will provide a nice presentation.