Weight case

I have some data files and I will have put weight case. However, this is not a problem with me. But can you explain me the nature of weight cases?

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  • Roy

    If you consider your sampling frame according to the distribution of population, you should not think about weight case. If you do not do this, you will have to use weight case option in your SPSS research. However, the nature or characters of weight cases are given below considering SPSS research.

    1. If you run weight cases for your analysis, you should exclude the cases with zero, negative or missing values. Otherwise, you will find some problems as well as will not get the expected result.

    2. However, the fractional values of a variable must be valid and those are used exactly where this is meaningful. It is one of the important natures of weight case.

    3. The values of the weighting variables should indicate the number of observations represented by single cases in your data file of your SPSS research.

    4. You can select, suppose religion variable, as a weighting variable. Or you can select any variable from your data file as the weighting variable. But you should remember that values of the weighting variable should indicate the number of observations represented by single cases in your SPSS data file.

    5. If you apply a weight variable, it remains in effect until you select another weight variable or turn off weighting. If you save a weighted data file, weighting information is saved with the data file. You obviously can turn of weighting at any time, even after the file has been saved in weighted form.

    However, I personally think that we should use this weight case as low as possible but many times we have to do it because of data nature. I believe that if we consider the sampling frame very carefully considering the populations of different groups, we can do our SPSS research without using this weight cases.